Make Your iPhone Look Like an Android & Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone

make android look like iphone

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still emulate the iOS interface to make your phone “feel” like it. The same goes for iPhone users wanting to experience an android phone.

Likewise, you can make your iPhone look and feel like an android by switching up the keyboard, apps, and widgets. Users have access to numerous apps that give you the best of both worlds; all you have to do is install them on your device, and you’re good to go!

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are you may prefer the features of your device over Android. This doesn’t mean that you won’t appreciate having instant access to Android’s top-performing features.

Whether you want to make your Android look like an iPhone or vice versa, we have compiled a list of useful apps that will help make your phone feel fresh as you experience the other side! Read on as we delve deeper.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An iPhone

Here’s a list of steps you can follow to give an Android device an iPhone’s touch and feel:

Install An iPhone Launcher App

First, install a third-party launcher. With a new launcher, you can instantly transform the entire look of your smartphone.

make android look like iphone

It will latch on to your device as it controls the home screen and how apps start. In addition to that, it also decides how you will make calls, interact with other Android OS features, etc.

Though there are numerous top-quality launcher applications to mimic the iPhone experience, none is as unique as the iPhone 12 Launcher app.

Designed by the SaSCorp Apps, it’s one of the most popular options as 10 million Android users use it.

It’s modeled on iOS 14, and is highly efficient at emulating iPhone model features on your device. Imitating the iPhone screen, you’ll see a notch atop of the screen, regardless of whether your Android device has one.

Apart from that, the launcher also contains an iOS-style lock-screen, swipe-down search-bar, a customized version of Apple’s control center, a wide variety of high-quality iOS wallpapers, smart toggles (for flashlight and Wi-Fi), etc.

Use iOS 11 Icon Pack

Now that your interface looks and functions like an iPhone, time to make the icons do the same!

To use any icon pack for Android, you’ll require a launcher that supports it. Good thing we just downloaded the iPhone 12 launcher!

If you find it hard to decide which icon pack gives the best Apple experience, look no further than the iOS 11 Style – Icon Pack!

It is created by iEvil Dev and is touted to be the best Apple icon pack available on the Android market. This style pack features many iOS icons that you won’t find in any other icon pack. Some of the icons include Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Gallery, Settings, Google Play, Camera, and much more.

These icons are created to operate at about 110% size (7 x 5 grid), and you’ll need specific launchers such as Apex Launcher, Atom Launcher, Nova Launcher, Poco Launcher, and others. Additionally, the icons have a 192 x 192 pixel resolution.

Note: the iOS 11 icon pack will not work with the Google Now, Pixel Launcher, or other launchers preinstalled on your smartphone.

iOS 12 Lock-Screen

Your Apple look and feel would never be completed if the lock screen still looks like the standard Android one. You can transform your screen from Android to iPhone by adding an iOS 12 lock screen.

With the iOS 12 Lock Screen Passcode app, you’ll see all your notifications, including missed calls and text messages, on your latest iOS lock-screen.

As all notifications will appear on your lock screen, you can clear and open notifications instantly by swiping left and right, respectively. You can modify your fingerprint option, date format, password, lock sound, wallpapers, text size, and much more in the app’s settings.

When it comes to the music player’s design, iMusic is arguable the closest app that Android users can use to imitate the iPhone music app’s usability.

We would recommend downloading Apple music itself – as it is available on the Google Play Store – however, it has gained horrible reviews and seems to be glitchy when used on Android.

With the iMusic player, you can listen to audio files of all different formats, including AAC, OGG, MIDI, 3GP, MP#, FLAC, and WAV.

In addition to that, you can select from nine different music genres from Hip-Hop, Metal, Classical, Latin, Dance, to Pop, and more. iMusic will divide music into five separate tabs: Playlist, Music, Album, Genre, and Artist.

Moreover, you can tap the three-dots located at the upper-left of the screen to access various options like shuffle, repeat, equalizer, and more. Use the search option to find a particular song.

All you have to do is download the app from the Play Store and it will navigate through the rest of the options.


iCalendar iOS 13 is the last addition you require to turn your phone into an iPhone. It seamlessly replaces your phone’s Android calendar and integrates well with all existing apps.

It’s effortless to read and is highly useful. With the iCalendar, you won’t forget your coming events as it places a “dot” below that specific date.

This app is created by Oranges Camera Studio and is compatible with the Google Calendar. It features unique personalized color coding for coming events and also supports map view.

When creating the event, you’ll have the option to select your preferred calendar. You can repeat the event and also add an alert for it.

If you want to see what the event is about, tap the date with the dot, and detailed information would be displayed. It’s simple yet attractive!

How to Make Your Apple Device Look Like An Android

Making your iPhone look like an Android is quite straightforward, not requiring you to go all-the-way to install Android on the iOS device. In fact, you can retain your iOS and have the best Android features simultaneously.

Here’s a list of changes you can make to make your Apple look and feel like an Android:

Change The Keyboard

iPhone has finally opened up its iOS to third-party keyboards. Many iPhone users are annoyed with their device’s keyboard because it doesn’t come with a number row.

Changing the keyboard is often the most straightforward and least system-shocking method that you can use to make your Apple device more like Android.

Google’s new keyboard, the Gboard, is arguably the best choice if you want the Android feel.

With Gboard, you can search for GIFs, search in-between various app usages, etc. You can also use it to share information while texting.

It also features Swiftkey functionality, another competitive keyboard option you can choose to give your device the Android look and feel. Swiftkey is arguably one of the top predictive keyboards available for iPhone users.

This keyboard watches your behaviors keenly, from words you mainly use, to things you type and more. By doing this, it provides you with additional intuitive predictions, unlike the iPhone keyboard.

To make your iPhone more like an Android, you can customize the theme and slide fingers for typing, an exceptional accessibility feature.

Install Google Apps

You may think it’s obvious; however, if you’re seeking to transform your Apple into a more Android-centric phone, start depending on Google apps.

Apart from Apple’s Gmail app that works similar to Android, many other apps such as Calendar, Photos, Sheets, Maps, Drive, Docs, Keep, and more are also usable on the iPhone.

google apps for iPhone

Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space and is often called the best and the most secure cloud storage for consumers. Furthermore, the Photos app provides you with an unlimited backup of images (free for now, not forever).

In addition to that, the Sheets and Docs apps allow you to create files and carry them anywhere you go. One of the best things about using Google’s suite is that you can instantly access it with an internet connection from almost any device.

Add An Unnoticeable Notifications Bar

pushover notifications app

iOS does many things exceptionally well; however, if there is one thing where Apple has failed substantially, it is how notifications are handled.

Regardless of what notification you receive, Apple notifies you with the same old blue dialogue box, which interrupts anything you’re doing.

So, if you’re tired of notifications disturbing you, you can use the Pushover Notifications app to give the device a more Android feel.

The Pushover Notifications app handles notifications like Android phones. It keeps them in the always-accessible drawer so that you can get to them whenever needed.

In addition to that, you’ll get notifications without interruption. This means you can do whatever you are doing peacefully.

For example, you have received a text message. With the Mobile Notifier app, you’ll see a short bar pop up on the top of the screen, telling you that you have a notification in waiting! You can either read it, leave it, or dismiss it — anytime you want.

To see or clear all notifications, just double-tap your home button. This way, you’ll see the notifications drawer and multi-tasking mode.

Get Widgetbox Launcher

One impressive feature that Android users enjoy over iPhone users is the “notification shade.” Though it’s similar to Apple’s Control Center, it’s more comprehensive.

On many Android smartphones, you can also customize buttons in the notification shade. This allows Android users to change settings using shortcuts. It will allow you to toggle your Bluetooth, power-saving mode, Wi-Fi, location services, blue-light filter, airplane mode, NFC, don’t disturb, and much more! iPhone’s Control Center, despite being a comprehensive feature, doesn’t remain at par with its Android counterpart, which has more functionality and features.

To help you do the same on your iPhone, download a widget launcher app like WidgetBox. These launcher apps will allow you to curate the most-used apps and settings and allow for easier access.

This way, you can see them and, if needed, access them from one spot.

Though it won’t be precisely like the notification shade feature of Android, with these widget launcher apps, you’ll get the nearest Android feel.

Key Takeaway

No matter what phone you fancy you can seamlessly mimic the other’s look and feel. If you just shifted from an iPhone to an Android device or vice versa, you can still get the user interface you desire with minimal tweaks.

To put it simply, you can have the best of both worlds, on the operating system you prefer

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