Keychain Gadget & Gift Picks for 2021

Your keychain’s real estate is precious so choose wisely. Maximize utility and minimize weight. Check out the keychain gadget and gift ideas below that our gnomes have put together.

Solar USB Charger

This charger is small enough to fit on your keychain but it packs 1,000 mAh of power to get your phone up and running if needed. It can be charged by USB as well as by the mini solar panel on the surface.

2,200 mAh Keychain Power Charger

This tiny keychain charger has 2,200 mAh of juice stored inside and this is small enough to fit on your keychain with a charging cord attached. How much is 2,200 mAh? It won’t be a full charge for your phone but it is definitely enough to get you solidly back in business. This will charge most iPhones to around 50%.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

This small bluetooth keychain attachment will help you find your keys when they are lost. Make the tile ring from your phone when you are within 400 feet or use it the other way around and use it to find your phone. Double clicking the device will make your phone ring when you are within range. If your keys are lost and you are out of range, you can still try to locate your device through their advanced/anonymous community feature. While it works great on your keychain, you can also put it on plenty of other things as well.

Keychain Lighter Holder

If you want to keep a lighter handy this keychain holder is perfect for you. This fits a mini Bic lighter and also has mutli-tool functions including a bottle opener.

Solar Powered Micro USB charger + Flashlight

This small keychain power bank can be charged by USB as well as by its solar panel on one side. This qualifies as a great emergency charger to have on your keychain, in your car, or in a camping pack. It doesn’t carry much power and the solar charging takes a very long time, but it is cool, it does work, and the potential value here is enough that we love owning one of these. We suggest that you charge it at home and just depend on the solar charging as a trickle to keep it charged.

Classic Mini Swiss Army Knife

They make a mini-version of this knife that is light enough to live on your keychain. It’s the same knife in the same red color that you had as a kid.

Keychain Breathalyzer

We do not vouch for the accuracy of these things and but will gladly include them on our list as a novelty. Please do not drink and drive.

Keychain Self-Defense Pepper Spray

This is one keychain gadget that we hope you will never need. This one uses a combination of pepper spray, CS military tear gas, and a UV dye. It fits on your keychain, sprays quickly, and has a range of “up to 10 feet”.

Mini Steel Measuring Tape

This tough little measuring tape can stretch up to 27 inches and it is small enough to live on your keychain without weighing you down. The aluminum alloy metal casing is also marked for quick reference measurements, making this a great keychain tool for people who work in construction and contracting industries.

Keychain Pen & Bottle Opener

There are surprisingly few keychain pens on the market. No need to argue the utility value of this one.

Keychain USB Storage

This metal USB drive comes with 64 GB of storage. Mosdart claims that this one is waterproof but we would not suggest betting your data on that. Please be careful with what you keep on a keychain flashdrive, especially one that you might keep on your keychain and carry around with you. Some users buy these just because they can be attached to a keychain ring inside of a laptop bag… this is a great way to keep track of a tiny thumb drive inside of a large bag.

Mini Flashlight

This mini flashlight is perfect for your keychain. You can go bigger but there isn’t much need if you ask us and this one helps to keep the weight of your keychain down.

Solar Keychain Flashlight

You won’t have to worry about replacing any batteries for this one. This keychain light runs on solar power and is perfect for lighting the way on brief walks to your car etc.

Keychain Magnesium + Ferrocerium Firestarter

This is a classic tool amongst outdoorsmen and a step up from the lone ferrocerium rods that just shed sparks. Scraping and shedding sparks off of a ferrocerium rod onto dry tinder is not an easy way to start a fire. It will be close to impossible in any type of mildly damp conditions. Shaving magnesium off of this block first will give you something to ignite and really jump start a fire when you begin shedding sparks onto it. Difficulty level is still high compared to a match. The scraper here can also be ditched from your keychain if that is your preference.

The Multi-Tool

There is no shortage of multi-tools out there for your keychain and most of them will have the basics + an assortment of other tools… most of which you will never actually need, but are always nice to have as long as they don’t bulk things up too much. This is one of the basic multi-tools that we like because its sleekness.

Keychain Stash Pod

Stash anything that you want in here for convenience or emergencies. This keychain capsule is waterproof and large enough to store a rolled up bill.

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