Add-Ons, Upgrades and Accessories for Your E-Bike

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The revolution is here and it won’t be televised… instead it will be riden. If you are looking to upgrade your overall e-bike experience or you are shopping for an e-bike lover, look no further than this list. Increase your range, step up your safety game, or convert your bike altogether with this first item on our list.

BAFANG E-Bike Converter Kit

If you do not want to splurge on an e-bike, the BAFANG converter kit has everything you need to go the DIY route in converting your pedal bike into an e-bike. You can install everything in one hour and the product comes with a 1-year warranty. BAFANG guarantees that this motor kit works for most bikes. Do note that the battery and charger will be shipped separately.

Buy an Additional Battery

Whether you suffer from range anxiety or simply just know that you will need an extra battery for your daily commute, an extra battery can be a valuable add-on for any e-bike. Be sure to buy the right battery so that it is compatible with your bike. If you have purchased the conversion kit above then this battery solution may be perfect for you. The QZF battery is compatible with a wide range of motors, but your bike’s manufacturer may also make batteries specifically for your bike and we always recommend buying one of those as it is usually required. This one is equipped with a USB port and comes with one charger (charging time being 7-8 hours). You can expect to get 45-85 miles out of one charge, depending on your riding speed, load weight, and terrain.

Sena Smart Helmet

This helmet is made for tech lovers and is has features that go way beyond the bike helmets that you are used to. A Sena R1 smart helmet not only provides protection, but also has a built-in mic, speakers, an intercom, and Bluetooth capability. This sleek helmet enables you to communicate with other riders and listen to audio— enhancing the safety and fun of your cycling adventures. Whether you are cruising through the city, riding around the block, or whipping down a bike trail, safety is first. A helmet is a must-have item for casual and avid cyclists.

Add-On Bike Mirrors

Turning your head to see what is coming behind you is not as safe as using your mirrors. Add-on mirrors are cheap and most can be mounted onto your bike quickly and easily. The mirrors we have picked here have have a sleek look and will cost you just over $20.

E-Bike Shirts

Keep it simple. This shirt is a great gift for the e-bike lover in your life and we like this one for its simple design. There are 10 colors in their inventory as of this posting. You can click the image above to buy this one or the shopping button below to see some more e-bike shirt designs.

Hidden Anti-Theft GPS Trackers

There are several small GPS trackers on the market that can get this job done, but you will need to hide them effectively and this isn’t easy. All of these solutions will require you to pay a monthly fee to enable your GPS device. This one also requires you to buy a 2G SIM card (3G and 4G SIM cards won’t work), but it can be well hidden inside of your handlebars so it has a big advantage over other solutions. This might not be the simple solution that you were hoping for but it may be worth considering.

Other solutions include the Sherlock GPS handlebar tracker. You might find this one to be more convenient because you won’t have to buy a SIM card and (as of right now) you will get two free years of GPS tracking. Another option is to buy a Tile. This is usually used for finding items like car keys that are nearby. When something is out of range, it can now be found by utilizing the Tile network via the Tile app. This may provide you with periodic updates of where your Tile is, or has been. This is not as good as GPS, but it may give you a shot at getting your bike back in some circumstances.

Annoying LED Spoke Lights

These lights are annoying and we hate them… this is why they are on the list. If you are riding on a dark rainy night, you will want the most annoying lights that you can possibly find because these make you safer. Your typical bike light only allows you to be seen from the front or back, but these lights will increase your visibility from the side as well. These lights can sometimes be seen out of the corner of a driver’s eye in situations where this is what you need. The lights will work with most bike wheels, ranging from toddler-sized bikes to your adult e-bike, and are easy to install without extra tools. They come in ten different colors and you can use them all or just add a few if you want to tone it down.

Volcano Eye Bike Tail Lights

Easy to use, water-resistant and ultra-bright, these tail lights will give you high visibility at night and day– ensuring your maximum safety on the road. Volcano Eye tail lights are not exclusively designed for bikes. They can be strapped or attached, vertically or horizontally, to your helmet, vest, backpack, and any other piece of clothing. The light settings can be set to four different modes (full brightness/chase mode/ fast chase mode/flash strobe).

Cloud-9 Bike Saddle

Maximum comfort is as desirable as safety. Whenever you cruise around on your e-bike for hours, you’d want to factor in possible numbness and pain in your thighs, legs, and feet. A comfortable saddle can make a difference. The Cloud-9 saddle is ergonomic and uses a “comfort” channel that alleviates the pressure on your sciatic and perineum nerves, making for a comfortable ride. However, it can add a bit more weight to your ride.

SKS Top Cage Water Bottle Cage & Adapter Mount

An hour-long commute on your e-bike can be just as physically demanding as riding on a standard bike. With that said, it is a good idea to keep yourself hydrated throughout your ride, especially on hot days! Given the space needed to accommodate batteries and motors, e-bikes have a frame and build that is quite different from your standard bike. Finding the right bottle cage that fits can be a challenge. But do not sweat! The SKS Top Cage Water Bottle Cage and its accompanying piece, the adapter mount (sold separate), are an elegant solution to your hydration needs. The bottle cage has an adjustable tab to accommodate different bottle sizes and the adapter mount can be attached to any tube on your bike. The adapter mount needs to be purchased separately.

Mothybot Hydration Backpack

If you do not want to weigh down your bike, or your ride, with too many attachments or add-ons, the Mothybot Hydration backpack is another simple way to meet your hydration needs. It is a popular choice among hikers, campers, and cyclists. The backpack comes in a variety of colors and the water bladder can keep your liquids cool for up to 5 hours. The backpack features a headphone cable port and just enough storage for a small wallet.

Rockbros Bike Pannier

Want to carry items such as keys, food, medicine, and wallets without having to strap that baggage on your back? A bike pannier comes in handy. However, as with water bottle cages, finding a pannier or bag that fits on your e-bike takes some shopping around. Fortunately, Rockbros has designed a bag that provides the extra storage capacity you’re looking for and can fit on an e-bike. The Rockbros bike pannier is waterproof, reflective, and sturdy.

RBRL Bike Mudguard

When riding on the muddy ground, you want to protect yourself and your gear from mud spatter and water. The RBRL bike mudguard has a design that can fit on most bikes, including e-bikes. It’s easy to mount and is compatible with bike rack installations. Not only will the fenders keep your back dry, their high shock absorption will ensure your safety while riding by reducing the gap between the fenders and your seatpost.

Rockbros Cell Phone Pouch

This Rockbros cellphone pouch is a nifty, top tube fixture. It has a sensitive touchscreen so that you can access your phone screen without having to take it out of the pouch. It has enough capacity to carry your keys, repair kit batteries, and wallet– in addition to your phone. The pouch has a reflective design and is water-resistant. Not to mention that it is easy to install and has a quick-release function. It is a great alternative to its pannier counterpart, especially if you prefer to ride with lighter baggage.

Garmin Edge 830 Bike GPS

Need high-tech gear for your bike? The Edge 830 is a GPS cycling computer that will help you navigate your pedaling adventures, giving you turn-by-turn directions and route alerts– and re-routing if you deviate from your course. You can monitor your cycling performance with this device; it provides information on your max and average speeds, Vo2 levels, recovery, hydration, and nutrition. Edge 830 also has safety-enhancing features such as an alarm, group messaging, and tracking. This system will give you up to 20 hours of battery life.

Garmin Speed Sensor 2

If you are looking for a device with one, simple function, look no further than the Garmin Speed Sensor 2. Simply attach to the hub of either bike wheel and you are ready to go. Garmin guarantees accurate data on your speed and distance. It is Bluetooth-enabled so that you can sync it with training apps on your phone and an odometer feature that tracks your distance– a handy feature for e-bike maintenance.

Vibration Alarm

Your e-bike is high on every thief’s list of things to steal. Protect your e-bike– and its many gadgets and accessories– with this wireless and waterproof anti-theft alarm. The WSDCam alarm is triggered by vibration and has a 113-decibel alarm that will surely deter thieves. It can be remotely armed, disarmed, and pinged. You can install it on your bike frame or store it in a bag. It lacks any GPS tracker but can still play a role in protecting your e-bike.

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