Our Favorite Crossbody Sling Bags with Headphone Jacks and Charging Ports

Are you shopping for a shoulder bag with charging ports and headphone jacks? Here is a list of tech-enabled shoulder bags that you can use for travel, commuting, and your everyday life. Take a look at some of our favorites! 

Waterfly Crossbody Sling Backpack

Going camping, hiking, kayaking, or to the beach? This utility bag will hold all of your items with two mesh water bottle pockets, a strap pocket for the phone, a large main compartment, a front zipper bag, and a hidden earphone hole. The buckle enclosure at the top of the bag provides a little extra security and packs all of your belongings tightly into your backpack.

Nicgid Sling Bag Crossbody

This crossbody shoulder backpack comes in three sizes for your preference. The larger option has more velcro pockets and a large pocket that can carry an iPad, as well as fit a large water bottle, passport, and wallet. All sizes are perfect to take on a hike, on a trip, or to the gym. With five zipper pockets, the smallest one can hold your keys, wallet, cell phone, journal, and water bottle. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry it on your back or in front of you for an extra layer of safety.

Lucien Hanna Leather Sling Backpack

Are you looking for more of an aged leather bag look? This sleek bag has four large and expandable pockets to hold all of your important items, an external pocket for slim items, a hole for your headphones, an external USB port, and a buckle at the top of the bag. The USB charging port is on the outside of the bag located at the bottom of one of the sides for easy access. You go from the office to a dinner meeting with ease and style with this bag because of its versatility and high-quality design.

Nylon Water Resistant Men’s Sling Bag

Searching for a more professional-looking sling bag with an audio jack and USB ports? This water-resistant and anti-theft sling bag looks sleek with adjustable straps for comfort, several different pockets, and an external USB charging port. There is a large zipper pocket with compartment organization, two smaller zipper pockets, and one large pocket on the outside with a buckle clasp for extra security. This bag is perfect to take on that trip you have always wanted to go on. With this bag, you will want to purchase a power bank to have it in your bag and keep everything charged.

Sling Bag Shoulder Crossbody Backpack

More pockets? No problem! This bag, perfect for traveling, hiking, kayaking, and camping, has eight compartments. Organized for your comfort, the large compartment has individual pockets and velcro straps for all of your items. It has an anti-theft lock at the top of the bag that will keep your things inside the main compartment safe. If you are looking for a waterproof shoulder bag that can travel well, this is the bag for you.

KAKA Sling Bag Crossbody Backpack

Don’t let this simple design fool you. The quality, style, and amount of storage will not disappoint you. Made out of breathable fabric, this bag has a front cell phone pouch with a headphone hole, an adjustable strap to fit left-handed or right-handed folks, and a hidden RFID technology security pocket for all of your credit cards, and an external water mesh bag for umbrellas or water bottles. Perfect for using as a carry-on or commuting to work, this bag is sleek and functional. 

Men’s Leather Sling Bag

Perfect as a gift for any light traveler, this leather bag has a sleek design with multiple storage compartments. This one comes from a factory somewhere deep within the depths of Shenzhen, China (where they make everything else), so in this case you will find many different versions of this bag as you look around… all made by the same factory but branded and sold under many names. Antitheft features on this bag include a buckle strap and a pocket at the back of the bag that will be close to your back or chest, depending on how you want to wear it. This bag can fit small electronics including your cell phone and iPad mini.

Leather Sling Bag 

This shoulder bag has most of the same features as many of the other leather sling bags available. The metal buckle and zippers set it apart. Rather than typical, easily breakable plastic, the metal features offer a little more durability than other similar bags. This bag comes with two large pockets, a front zipper pocket, and a back anti-theft pocket for your wallet or phone. This bag can also be worn on the right or left side with an adjustable strap. 

 BullCaptain Leather Men Sling Bag

Looking for a casual leather option? This caramel-colored bag is different from its competitors because it has two snap enclosures, rather than bulky buckles, and it has a nice slim look. Opening the snap pocket will produce a hidden pocket for your phone and headphones. The charging port is located on one side of the bag for easy access. There are three outer pockets and a main pocket for putting all of your small objects inside. 

Vintage Leather Crossbody Sling Bag

With one large main compartment, this crossbody shoulder rectangular backpack is big enough to hold your laptop. There are one large main zipper pocket and two smaller pockets on the front of the bag. The lined interior of each pocket protects your organized items from the elements and gives a little extra support to hold them in place. 

Sling Bag One Shoulder Bag Hiking Travel Backpack

This bag is a great gift for your hiking or camping buddy who needs a backpack that will allow them to be hands-free. You can choose from a smaller 17” bag or a bigger 19” bag. With features like breathable padding in the back of the backpack, an elastic shoulder strap, a card pocket located on the shoulder strap, a mesh side pocket, and several organizational components located in each pocket, you can’t go wrong with this bag as a gift.

Peak Gear Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack and Day Bag

Do you need a travel bag for your next trip? This inexpensive small sling option is designed for travel. Hold all of your travel essentials within different small zipper pockets. The lightweight bag comes with a lifetime recovery service called RecoveryID for those forgetful friends who misplace their bags frequently. The magnetic clasp enclosure at the top of the front zipper pocket adds a little added safety.

Genuine Leather Sling Bag for Men

Are you willing to spend a little more money on premium quality and security? This rectangular, passcode-protected, leather bag zips open to an almost 90-degree angle to provide you with enough space to fit many of your personal belongings. This bag can hold up to an 11-inch tablet and has six interior organizational pockets. In order to lock your bag, all you have to do is place the zippers in the lock, press the button, and type in a personalized three-digit code. Just remember to write down that code so you don’t forget it.

Sling Backpack for Men Crossbody

Looking for a waterproof, stylish, and functional sling bag? This multi-use bag has a thick adjustable strap, an easily accessible USB port to charge any device using a USB cord, as well as several organized pockets with waterproof lining. This bag can hold an iPad or Kindle, and other smaller items. 

Kingsons Anti-Theft Single Shoulder Laptop Bag

This ultra-padded laptop shoulder backpack has a large computer compartment that can fit a 13.3” laptop, a padded tablet compartment, two exterior zipper pockets, and an anti-theft pocket in the back of the backpack. If you are walking home late at night, this bag has you covered with four reflector tags on the outside of the bag. Keep all of your important items secure with this waterproof crossbody sling bag. 

Lymmax Messenger Bag 

Is a messenger bag more your style? The waterproof Lymmax laptop bag can hold a 15-inch laptop and is perfect to purchase for that college graduate looking for their first job or for yourself. The inner large pocket has space for everything you need to ace that job interview or carry to work. You also have the option to use the inner pocket organization compartments, the front flap zip pocket, or the back pocket for those slim items.

CamGo MensTactical Messenger Bag Crossbody Briefcase

Running on a budget and looking for a simple, lightweight messenger bag with a USB port? The CamGo crossbody briefcase is a perfect gift for someone who does not like a lot of fluff and needs a laptop carrying bag. It has two outer buckle pockets for pens and small storage, a back pocket for slim items, and two large main pockets. You can easily take the adjustable strap off for more of a handbag look.

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